Career Counselling

Career Counselling is nothing but an assistance in making career and educatioanl choices. It is a process that provides you help and guidance in knowing and understanding yourself and the world of work to make career, educational and life decisions.

3H Vision assures you to provide the best and the most accurate career guidance. As education has no age factor, same applies for career counselling. An individual can be in a need of career counselling at any stage of his/her life, be it at childhood, teenage or adulthood. Hence, we provide career guidance to all age groups.

Career development is a very long process, meaning that throughout your life, you are going to change, the situations around you will change and you will have to continuously make career and life decisions at multiple stages of your life. Taking this thing into consideration, our career counselling aims at helping you to make the decisions you need to make now, but to provide with the knowledge and skills you need to make your future career and life decisions as well.

About our Career Counselor:

We have Mrs. Geeta Acharya as the Career Counselor in 3H Vision. She has expertise in career development theory, counselling techniques and mind psychology. Our counselor will guide you to make you figure out yourself and to make you aware of what of what you want out of your education, your career and your life.

Our counselor is that person for you with whom you can talk about your thoughts, feelings, ideas, questions and concerns about your career and educational choices. She will help you to sort out and organize your thoughts and feelings so as to make you decide the best for yourself. You will be helped and assisted to determine your next steps and develop a plan to achieve all your goals.