About Us


To build up a society consisting of individuals who have a positive approach, a creative mind and self-decision making power. To discover the hidden talent and wisdom within every individual and maximise their true brain potential and skills.


Illustration of business mission

To train and help individuals explore and improve their abilities and skills. We also aim for bringing improvement in the memory, concentration, creativity, perception, emotional stability and morale boosting of every individual.


We, at 3H Vision are here to end your search regarding career guidance and personality development. We lead you to a path which is the most suitable for your career as well as your life.

‘Avoid Confusion and Take a Decision’

This is our theory and this is what we would advice you. Confusions create problems and problems don’t let you take decisions. One should be capable of decision making and we are here to help you with that. We believe in building up a self-decision making ability within every individual to reveal their strong, positive and confident personality. Hence, to unleash your hidden talents and wisdom, we offer multiple services and training programmes.

We conduct Dermatoglyphic and Psychometric Tests, followed by a special counselling session to discuss the test reports and clear all your confusions and doubts. We also conduct Neuro Linguistic Training (NLP) Programme to make you a master in learning the language of your own mind.

Moreover, we conduct Reiki Classes for spiritual guidance and healing yourself as well as others and achieve peace of mind. Reiki will give you the strength and mental stability to keep yourself calm and cool in every phase and situation of life. So, if you desire to reduce your stress and get yourself healed spiritually, then join our Reiki Classes Now! For those people who are interested in sharing and knowing about their life, we offer special Tarot Card Reading Session. A tarot reading gives you a guidance for your relationship, your career and any other area of your life. But a reliable tarot card reader isn’t always available at a moment’s notice. Hence, we have with us a Tarot Card Reader to guide you through every aspect of life.


We help to bridge the gap between students and parents through our counselling.

We explain and make you understand your own or your child’s brain mapping report thoroughly.

All the tests, trainings, counselling sessions are carried out in a friendly atmosphere to make you comfortable.

We provide lifetime assistance to you regarding your career or any other area of your life.