what do we offer?

Career Counselling

Get the best career guidance through 3H Vision. If you have just given your exams, get valuable information from our career counselling sessions. We also conduct Psychometric Profiling and Professional Counselling of Stress Managenment for Students and Everyone.

DMIT Tests

We help you to discover your own/your child's or any individual's original talents and skills and explore a great future through a new technology i.e., the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT). Everyone is unique and capable to excel in life, but we need to know what makes them unique their talents how they can excel with their inborn natural abilities.

NLP Training

NLP Programming is a behavioural technology model in which we study about communication, psychotherapy and personal development of an individual. This makes you learn and change the programming of your sub conscious mind. We provide NLP training and NLP therapy with reputed NLP trainers.

What else we provide?

Reiki Classes & Healing Centre

Relax your mind and body, reduce your stress through Reiki Healing & achieve Peace of Mind.

Tarot Card

Get to know about the storybook of your life, your soul mirror and the key to your inner-self through our special Tarot Card Reading Session.


We make Documentaries and Short Films for marketing and advertising of your brand/business.

Our philosophy

Discover your inner self and hidden talent.

Explore your true potential and bring out your wisdom.

Our team